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Time to upgrade

The daily ritual that keeps us going - Tea.

Let's enhance it.

Tea for every mood

Upgrade your tea, upgrade your day, EVERYDAY!

Get the full experience of Goombira with our assorted pack. Choose between three flavours, Vanilla - Chocolate - Mango.


Chocolate Tea

The tea you Deserve!

Happiness of chocolate meets the relaxation of Tea.
Make hot or cold, add sugar as you like it.


Vanilla Tea

The tea you can Depend on!

The known taste of Vanilla, with the unknown combination of tea.

Make hot or cold, in any season you like.


Mango Tea

The tea you Desire!

It's like having a Mango, as sweet as you'd want it to be. No more Guilt.
Make hot or cold, in any season you like. 


Classic Tea

The tea that Differs!

For the days when monotony is needed.
Classic taste redefined, Assam tea unaltered.


Heritage & Tradition

The Goombira Tea Estate has been producing some of India's finest Assam teas since 1902. We're keeping the Assam tea industry's traditions alive.

Direct to Home

We send fresh teas directly from our farms in Assam to your home. Expect a fresh brew that is untouched by middlemen and retail chains.

Free Shipping

Free shipping across India on all orders.
Pay using any of our multiple payment methods including UPI, PayTM and all major cards.

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